This is the place where we want to thank all of you for your great feedback regarding this site. Some of you have submitted ideas and improvements that made it on the todo list and are already implemented or fixed:

Feature: A way to filter by language of the channelNorman Boyes
Feature: Sort channels by total viewsBrian, SV Delos
Bug report: Website (scrolling) slows down drastically when loading lots of channelsHarold Steed
Feature: Show vessel position that belongs to a channel on a mapDrake Paragon
Feature: Sort channels by currently popular channels, see what's trending.Kismet Adventures
Improvement: Implementing a subscriber threshold that channels have to reach in order to be listed on the "trending" page.
(Ed.: The threshold is now the median value of the subscriber distribution of all listed channels.)
The Corsair
Improvement: Set "Last upload" as default sorting option to facilitate attention to a broader variety of channels.Mount Ocean